70 Units Proposed for New Iteration of Waterfall Hollow at 200 Pemberwick Rd

A new, scaled down vision for Waterfall Hollow has been submitted to Greenwich Planning & Zoning.

A new pre-application would feature 70 residential units at 0 Comly Ave and 200 Pemberwick Rd.

This iteration of is not proposed as an 8-30g affordable housing development.

There would be 13 one-bedroom units; 26 two-bedroom units; 25 three-bedroom units; and 6 townhouses. There would be a total of 173 surface parking spaces (153 in the south and 20 in the north).

The two properties are connected by a pedestrian footbridge and straddle the Byram River below a dam.

Pedestrian footbridge connects parcel 1 and 2. File photo 2015

Parcel 1 is 2 acres on the east side of the river, primarily in the AE Flood zone at 200 Pemberwick Rd. This parcel features a two-story office building constructed in 1900 and fitness center. The office building was substantially remodeled in 1990. It also includes a separate one-story building home to the fitness center that was constructed in 1948 and remodeled in 2013.

Parcel 2 is 3.5 acres. It is located in the X Flood zone and fronts Comly Ave. It is on the west side of the river, improved with a parking that that accommodates 154 vehicles, plus some conservation land.

The buildings on the east side have a combined total of about 44,000 sq ft today. The development proposes to be about 115,000 sq ft.  

Applicant file: Design Research Office LLC

According to a project narrative from Aldo Pascarella, there would be a two-story addition to the existing buildings at 200 Pemberwick that bridges the space between the two existing buildings at the third and fourth story to create a four story apartment building with a covered drop-off area beneath.

A key differences between this new iteration of Waterfall Hollow and the previous one is that now all parking is proposed to be at surface level.

Also, they do not propose to build on the west side of the river, whereas a previous iteration of Waterfall Hollow proposed both underground parking and a 6-story building on Parcel 2.

At one point in time, 15 residential apartments were approved for the second story of the office building, but they were never built.

During Covid the office space was partially renovated for the Cedar School who received approvals from P&Z in June 2021.

According to the new pre-application narrative from Mr. Pascarella the school departed in June 2023 without paying rent.

Back in January 2023, real estate developer Brent Carrier teamed up with owner Mr. Pascarella to propose a 220 unit 8-30g affordable housing development, also called Waterfall Hollow.

They had had discussions with Greenwich’s affordable housing trust fund and were able to reduce the proposed number of units from 386 to 220.

At the time, 160 residents attended a Zoom P&Z hearing and testified with many concerns including fears about downstream flooding should anything happen to the dam that dates back to the 1800s.

And there were concerns that construction for parking below ground they feared would alter the water table and worsen downstream flooding issues.

There were also concerns about sewer capacity.

Also, at the time, Ian Iagowitz testified during public comment that he was the court-appointed receiver for the property at 200 Pemberwick Road, which he said was put into a foreclosure action.

Mr. Carrier said he believed Mr. Iagowitz’s concerns were greatly overstated.

On Pemberwick-Glenville Day in May 2015 Aldo Pascarella gave a tour of the historic commercial building and patio overlooking waterfall at Byram River. Photo: Leslie Yager

Also at the time of the 2023 proposal, the applicant said they did not own the dam.

Recently at a P&Z meeting director Pat LaRow said the department knew who the owners of the dam were but responsibility for inspections and repairs was in debate.

At a recent P&Z meeting where the public commented on a proposed 10-unit 8-30g, residents testified they had concerns that blasting might impact the dam and result in flooding.

That project at 237 Pemberwick was nevertheless approved as it was an 8-30g and the commission is only obliged to consider life, safety and other considerations that may exceed the need for affordable housing, which is a very narrow standard.

They noted the applicant would follow best practices.

Waterfall Hollow rendering February 2024. Applicant’s rendering of west elevation looking north

Waterfall Hollow rendering February 2024. Applicant’s rendering of west elevation looking south

Waterfall Hollow rendering February 2024.  Applicant’s rendering of east elevation looking south

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