Say Hello to Crumbs, Again

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Crumbs is back! Actually it never left Greenwich completely. Last July the lights went out and this notice on the front door took us by surprise.

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Last July it seemed that Crumbs was history when this sign appeared in the window.

This past Saturday the lights were turned back on at 48 West Putnam Ave and on Wednesday at about 4:30, most of the chairs were full of people having an afternoon pick-me-up. Some of the familiar staff were re-hired and the familiar cupcakes were replenished.

And there are some new items in the mix.

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We tried one of the new choices: A “Crozel” which is half pretzel and half croissant. It was a tasty snack at $3.14 with tax. There were even versions of the Crozel that include choice of Nutella or caramel filling.

Another baked hybrid is the Baissant which looks like a croissant shaped like a bagel. There was a plain Baissant as well as a cinnamon sugar and an “Everything” version.”

Welcome back, Crumbs!

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