Looking to Become a US Census Worker? BBB Warns to Be careful of job scams.

Better Business Bureau Serving Connecticut is warning consumers to watch out for census bureau scammers at their door, mailbox and email. BBB, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and US Census Bureau are warning those individuals who are looking for employment to be on guard for census job scams.

According to a release from the FTC, they have partnered with the US Census Bureau to help job seekers know the recruiting and hiring process, to help you spot, avoid, and report scams.

How the Scam Works
You see a job opportunity posted on a website or social media, asking for applicants to become temporary census workers. You click and fill out a form with your personal information. You may be asked for a fee to apply for the job, or a charge to get more information. In a typical job scam, you often get a quick response from a “hiring manager” who may want to interview you via phone or video chat.

After you are “hired,” the company may charge you upfront for “training.” You may need to provide your personal and banking information to run a credit check or set up direct deposit. You may be “accidentally” overpaid with a fake check and asked to deposit the check and wire back the difference. Or, you may need to buy expensive equipment and supplies to work at home. If you question these methods, you’ll likely be met with a defensive response. But don’t give into the pressure and follow the demands. The job isn’t real!

How to Avoid Falling for a Census Job Scam
The Census Bureau is recruiting to fill thousands of temporary positions across the country, but there are two key tips you should know about legitimate Census Bureau jobs:

  • No Application Fees.  Anyone asking for a fee to help you get a Census Bureau job is a scammer. Federal agencies never charge application fees.
  • You can only apply online.  The only way to apply for 2020 Census positions is through the Census Bureau’s website, 2020census.gov/jobs. You will need provide the following information during the application process:
  • Social Security number
  • Home address (physical location and mailing address)
  • Email address and phone number
  • Date and place of birth

Verify that you are on the Census Bureau website before you give out your personal information.

For More Information. Contact the Census Bureau’s Jobs Line at 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020). BBB also shares these tips to help avoid employment scams. If you suspect a census job scam, report it to [email protected] and to the Federal Trade Commission.