Glenville Shell is Keeping Customers Safe, Vehicles Serviced during COVID-19

Anthony Zaccagnino, owner of Glenville Shell, has ramped up precautions for staff and customers at his gas and service station at the corner of Glenville Road and Weaver Street, which is open and busy as an essential business during this COVID-19 outbreak.

On Tuesday, Zaccagnino said not only are customers taking their own precautions, but his staff are wearing gloves and wiping down surfaces including gas pumps.

“Every morning I come in at 7:00am and wipe down all the surfaces. The bathrooms are closed,” he said, adding that during the day there is no hand-to-hand contact with customers.  “We hand the credit card back with gloves.”

Also, Glenville Shell is encouraging customers help themselves to a single use gas mitt to pump their gas. When finished the gloves are tossed into a lined receptacle to be disposed of safely.

Staff are fetching items like Chapstick, snacks and air fresheners from the small convenience shop inside the station, rather than having customers come inside and touch surfaces.

The station offers both full and self-service gas pumps, as well as repair services by ASE-certified mechanics.

Glenville Shell owner Anthony Zaccagnino said self-serve customers are encouraged to use a single-use gas mitt to pump their gas. Photo: Leslie Yager

“We’re seeing customers arrive with hand sanitizer, and wearing rubber gloves and face masks. They’re bringing sanitizing wipes for their credit cards,” Zaccagnino said, adding that customers are on the road out of necessity.

“People are either going to Greenwich Hospital or going to their regular jobs,” he said. “We see a lot of customers around 8:00am or 9:00am. Our customers are all telling us, ‘Stay safe.'”

“I’m trying to keep my customers safe and keep my guys safe,” Zaccagnino said, adding that he’s been at the station for 39 years. “I came here when I was a kid.”

Customers at Single-use gas mitts at Glenville Shell. Photo: Leslie Yager

Customers at Single-use gas mitts at Glenville Shell. Photo: Leslie Yager

“We reduced our hours from 7:00am to 6:00pm or 7:00pm, depending on how the day goes. The repair shop goes home at 5:00pm,”  Zaccagnino said.

“I’m trying not to lay anyone off. I’m trying to stay open, stay safe and keep my guys employed,” Zaccagnino said, adding that he has five employees who are alternating hours, with some going home at 2:30pm and some arrive at 2:30pm. “It’s not a full day. They’re all pitching in right now.”

As for the service and repair garage, he said, “We’ll pick them up and drop off customers’ cars for service. We have steering wheel covers and floor mats and we’re using a disinfectant to wipe the steering wheels, knobs and handles. We’re trying to do everything we can.”

Glenville Shell is located at 222 Glenville Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831.
Tel (203) 531-9147.

Located at 222 Glenville Rd, at the corner of Weaver Street, Glenville Shell is known for offering old-fashioned customer service.