Glenville Pizza Seeks Permission from P&Z for Temporary Outdoor Dining

An application has been submitted by Glenville Pizza to Planning & Zoning for Temporary Outdoor Dining for a fenced in 40 x 50 ft outdoor dining area 243 Glenville Road.

The applicant is 243 Glenville Road LLC which is registered to Vincent J. Ferraro.

According to the application narrative, Glenville Pizza is a 31-seat family-owned pizzeria operating with three to four employees, and offering a choice of eat-in or take out pizzas and meals.

The eatery has been operating for 45 years.

The owners want to use an existing outdoor area at the side of the building for outdoor dining. It is accessed by a flight of stairs adjacent to the main entrance.

Outdoor dining proposed at Glenville Pizza.

The application says there is room for six round tables tables with fixed bench seats for 4-6 patrons at each table table, with umbrellas surrounding a large shade tree.

An additional handicapped accessible table for two seats is included per Building Dept requirement.

The outdoor dining will be on private property owned by the business and will not use any public property or public parking. There are commercial office buildings on either side of the pizzeria.

Also per the application, there will be no alcohol allowed in the outdoor dining area. Nor will there be table service. Instead, customers will order their food and bring it out to the tables.

The outdoor dining will close at dusk; no outdoor lights proposed.

According to the application, if needed, an existing paved driveway and parking area provides vehicular access to the outdoor dining area if needed.

Per the application, the pizzeria opens at 11:00am and closes at 10:00pm from Sunday to Thursday, and is open until 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

The application has yet to be scheduled onto a P&Z agenda.