Falafel Taco Obtains Kosher Certification, Elevating Mex-Raeli Fusion Cuisine

Falafel Taco, the innovative restaurant that brought Mexican-Israeli fusion cuisine to Greenwich Ave, has now obtained a Kosher certification in its efforts towards full dietary inclusion.

Traditional Falafel Taco, which won Best of Westchester. Chick pea falafel, Israeli salad, tahini sauce and hummus. Photo: Leslie Yager

The heartwarming union of authentic Mexican and Israeli food has always been the hallmark of Falafel Taco. Now, following their mission to provide fun, affordable, and delicious food to everyone, owners Jonathan and Rosie Langsam have obtained a Kosher certification from the Rabbinical Assembly. The Kashering, which began last Thursday and concluded this past Sunday, was overseen by Rabbi Adam Baldachin of Shaari Tikvah with the help of various other local Rabbis from the Assembly, and certifies Falafel Taco as Kosher by hashgachot until Passover of 2024.

Jonathan, a Jewish chef, understands the struggle of finding accessible dining options, which has been a driving motivation in obtaining this certification. In fact, Falafel Taco was born through his attempts at resolving this exact issue. As he recounts on Falafel Taco’s website, “my daughter Astrid came to me one day and said she was a vegan, I struggled to cook for the family.” However, with effort, skill, and creativity, Jonathan crafted vegan options for his daughter while simultaneously combining the Mexican and Israeli cuisines that ran through his household. Thus, Falafel Taco and the “fusion of Mexican and Israeli food [were] born.”

Jonathan Langsam with staff at Falafal Taco at 28 Greenwich Avenue. Photo: Leslie Yager

While Falafel Taco’s signature “Mex-Raeli” cuisine already had a wide range of dining options such as vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian, Jonathan and Rosie have taken it one step further, altering their Greenwich location’s menu options to fit Kosher guidelines. Seafood items like the Shrimp Burritos have been completely removed, while dishes like the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas have had the dairy ingredients swapped out for vegan alternatives.

Despite these changes, Jonathan assures his existing customers that the quality and taste of Falafel Taco has not left. “To the naked eye, nothing has changed,” he comments. “The menu is 99% the same as it is now.” Moreover, these changes will only apply to the Greenwich location, so longtime customers can still visit their Pleasantville establishment for the original dishes they’ve come to love.

The commitment to Kosher certification signifies Falafel Taco’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Every dish, crafted with love and precision, is now imbued with the added assurance of Kosher compliance. “I think this is a win-win for everyone involved,” Jonathan adds.“My Grandmother, Ma Bett, would be super proud of us.”

Falafel Taco invites all food enthusiasts, Jewish or not, to come and experience their new-and-improved Mex-Raeli cuisine right on Greenwich Ave.

For more information, please visit falafel-taco.com or call (203) 485-0088.

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