Constantino’s: New Beginnings on the State Line in Byram

Robyn and Mike Bordes opened their restaurant, Constantino’s, in the former Stateline Deli space last month, marking the occasion with a ribbon cutting and pizza samples.

But that was only the first chapter of a fresh start for the recently married couple, whose extended Italian families also merged, ultimately blending a trove of failsafe family recipes.

Mike is a builder specializing in restaurants and commissaries. Robyn, a public relations expert, had worked in the restaurant business since she was 13, and until recently owned a share in a restaurant in Westchester. Together they combined their skills to bring Constantino’s to life.

Clean and bright, the space has been extensively renovated, and former deli customers do a double take when they see the expansive seating in areas that had been closed off for years.

Michael, Robyn and Michael Bordes at their restaurant, Constantino’s, located at 699 West Putnam Ave in Greenwich. June 15, 2022 Photo: Leslie Yager
A generous by-the-slice piece of pizza at Constantino’s located at 699 West Putnam Ave in Greenwich. June 15, 2022 Photo: Leslie Yager

Robyn recalled driving down West Putnam Ave and seeing a sign in the deli window indicating the lease was available. She did a walk through and met the woman running Stateline Deli. Her name was Carol, the same as Michael’s late mother. She said that connection felt like fate.

“Also, Mike’s mother’s companion was named Silvio,” she said. “The real estate agent’s name was Silvio. I felt like it was meant to be.”

After everything came together, the couple named every dish on the menu after family and friends.

Robyn, who lost her father Constantino Matarazzo when she was just two, grew up around farms in New Jersey among uncles who took pride in their wine making. Cooking was always from scratch.

The Bordeses said the community has welcomed them like family from the start.

“We love this area because these are regular people,” Robyn said, going on to describe one of the first days Constantino’s was open. “At 3:00pm I came in and the entire dining area was full of kids. And I started crying.”

Indeed, this week, Wednesday was a scorcher, and Western Middle School students cooled down after school with house made ice cream.

“We don’t have liquor,” Robyn said. “We want a place parents to know kids could be here without them worrying.”

Amanda Fernandez and Adrienne Roberts, stopped for ice cream on Wednesday.

“I never came here when it was Stateline Deli. I’m not a deli person. But we came for ice cream and then we spotted these pink chairs,” Roberts said, gesturing to the comfy upholstered chairs where they were sitting.

Western Middle Schoolers cooling down at Constantino’s after school. June 15, 2022 Photo: Leslie Yager
Amanda Fernandez and Adrienne Roberts enjoyed ice cream at Constantino’s. June 15, 2022 Photo: Leslie Yager

GFP had a chance to sample items from the menu, starting with a generous slice of pizza that easily rivals that of longtime local favorites.

That was just a start. Settling in a corner of the spacious dining room, each dish was more mouth watering than the last.

The Lobster Ravioli with mushrooms and asparagus was tops. Other superlative dishes included the Chicken Martini and Chicken Florentine. The seafood risotto with shrimp and octopus joins the list of comfort food for the ages.

Last but not least, Mama B’s Pasta Primavera, made with penne pasta, roma tomatoes, zucchini, pine nuts, portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, fresh spinach, Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil garlic sauce and fresh basil will dazzle the most jaded taste buds.

Pizza making at Constantino’s, located at 699 West Putnam Ave in Greenwich. June 15, 2022 Photo: Leslie Yager


In addition to Constantino’s basic cheese pizza, the “Four Corner Sicilian Pizza” is hugely popular. It borrows its name from the small square pan it is cooked in, resulting in every piece being a corner piece.

Also popular is Emmy’s Classic Salad Pizza, with chicken, artichokes, Gorganzola, peppers, onions, a light tomato sauce, lettuce, and a home made vinaigrette dressing.

“When I first tried it somewhere else I thought it was disgusting,” Robyn said. “But I had a slice here and it’s my favorite. It has a thinner crust and a thin layer of tomato sauce to keep the dough firm. It’s healthy.”

After a great deal of thought, the Bordeses selected We found Uncle Louie G’s for their ice cream.

“Everything we have is made fresh,” Mike said. “We get whole vegetables. Nothing pre-cut.”

“Everything is made to order,” he added. “If you want soup, we make it on the spot. There’s no vat in the back.”

The hint here is to have patience. “Since everything is made to order, it’s going to be a little while,” Mike said. “We found a sign on Pinterest that says, ‘Fast food is not good and good food isn’t fast.’ While we’re a pizzeria, and you expect to be able to get a quick slice, we also have traditional Italian from our families’ recipes and those take time.”

As for pricing, Mike said, “We wanted to price our menu according to the neighborhood – competitive, but affordable. We didn’t calculate it based on the cost of time. This is our passion project.”

Constantino’s menu is extensive. In fact, Robyn said there was one customer who stops by daily, each time ordering something different, with a goal of working his way through the entire menu.

The vibe?

“We wanted to create a family friendly place. We welcome everybody when they come in,” Mike said. “We make pies right up until 9:00pm. We’re not going to say no. We’ll put a pizza in at 8:55. We don’t like to turn people away.”

A bonus! Constantino’s has abundant parking. The restaurant is located on something of an island. There is room to back out of a parking spot and turn around without backing into Putnam Ave. From there, it’s possible to head east via Old Post Rd/Weaver, or west via Byram Terrace.

Constantino’s is located at 699 West Putnam Ave in Greenwich. Tel. (203) 681-2316.

Check out the Constantino’s menu and order online.

Their Instagram is bursting with mouth watering photos.


Mondays: closed

Tuesday to Saturday 11-9

Sunday 12-8

Seafood Risotto from Constantino’s in Byram. June 15 2022 Photo: Leslie Yager