YOLO is Lie

Letter to the editor submitted by Vicki Camacho:

You only live once is a lie. There will be haters out there that will tell you to live dangerously with no thoughts for your future because hey,“YOLO.”

During your graduation celebrations, the haters my tempt you with the thrill of drugs including heroin, pushing YOLO! They will try and ply you with alcohol and encourage you to drive drunk or be a passenger of one of your drunk former classmate, YOLO they’ll yell!! Don’t let the haters manipulate you with YOLO because until the day you leave this Earth you will live many, many, many lives. So be on the lookout for haters. They’re not your friends. Trust me, just graduating and going off to college or to a new job is you walking into many new and wondrous lives.

I’ve had so many lives after graduating from High School. I’ve been a college student living on campus with no parental control. I’ve been an employee working to take care of myself. I’ve fallen in love and became a wife and mother. I learned to drive a car. I’ve learn to use computers and tons more things that I can’t fit into this little piece of paper.

I’ve had “dreams come true” lives. At 11 years-of-age, I knew I wanted to write a book and as an adult I have. I’m an author. As a single parent, I wanted to write plays and see them on stage and I’ve done that. I’m a playwright and producer. To date I’m with a group of volunteers who produce and film NEIGHBORS a public access/community media show that teaches the basics of Chess through music, movement and song. I’m now an executive producer. See what I mean.

So, congratulation to all who are graduating from elementary, middle and high school, and try to live as many lives as you can while on this Earth.

God’s blessings over your many lives.

Vicki Camacho