WOLD: Fiorello Listens to Veterans

Letter to the editor from David Wold, Greenwich

 Reading the letter of fellow resident, Jen Barro (LETTER: Fact Checking Fiorello June 25, 2022), I am confused.  Is she attacking elected state representative Kimberly Fiorello because 14 out 97 of Democrats in Hartford agreed with her on HB 5414?  

Does Barro feel it is wrong that there are opposing voices heard in Hartford, and if heard in Hartford, is she afraid that opposition might grow state-wide and the solid majority might actually find better solutions for Connecticut than the Democrat status quo has provided for our state?

Two weeks ago there was another attack on State Representative Kimberly Fiorello. That time it was David Snyder who attacked her for not getting support from ‘the other side.’  This time, Mrs. Fiorello is attacked for getting twice as many Democrats to agree with her than Republicans disagreeing.  These drip, drip, drip organized letters seem to want to cancel Mrs. Fiorello but I know there are many who appreciate and support her, and I for one will stand up and support her publicly in the face of all of these extreme attacks on her.  

Having worked with Kimberly and gotten to know her, I want to share with the people of Greenwich that when I organized a community meeting for an issue important to veterans, I invited every elected official in town to join us.  Only one showed up, Kimberly Fiorello.  And she didn’t just talk to us, she listened and asked questions to understand the history and the details, and most importantly, she took actions to help us. Her voice made a difference to help us.

Just in her first term, she is clearly effective and supported by many on both sides of the aisle because she does good work for the community and she is actually helping to break deadlocks along Party lines.  The extreme attacks on Mrs. Fiorello tell me more about the times we are living in and how the rhetoric in our town is changing, not for the better.

I say, thank you, Kimberly, for your positive energy and keep up the good work. Thank you for fighting against the status quo in Hartford and keeping us posted on what is going on in our state.  You do not march to the Party drum, of either Party, and I for one appreciate that very much.