The Voting Moms Endorse Bipartisan Moderate Slate of Candidates for RTM

Submitted by the Voting Moms, Jenna Lowe and Emily Goodman

It’s spooky season, Greenwich! Gather ‘round, have we got a scary story for you…

We are The Voting Moms. We started a newsletter in 2021 that has since gone “viral.”  We have made it one of our jobs to learn as much as we can about our local elections and candidates and distill and disseminate the information to friends and neighbors. Why? Because no one has time for this (except, of course, for us The Voting Moms – whose beige flag is a unique obsession with information gathering, analysis and sharing.)

In between sneaking peppermint patties and gummi bears out of our kiddo’s “boo” bags and deciding what costume we’ll dress the dog in for Halloween, The Voting Moms have been talking to many stakeholders, looking at voting records, meeting with candidates, and watching the local debates. We hate to be the bearers of spooky news, but there are some scary things happening right here in Greenwich that everyone should know about.

The 15 Year Tale of the Haunted School Infrastructure Projects

Each school repair project and its respective building committee have been through many rounds of extensive (and important) diligence, conducted public meetings and been advised by experts. There is unanimous bipartisan support for the projects from the Board of Selectmen, Board of Education, and Planning & Zoning. So why haven’t they moved forward after more than a decade of knowing something has to be done? Why aren’t there shovels in the ground? Are they cursed? Is a boogeyman scaring people away? No, the current Republican-led BET has perpetually delayed and obstructed these projects. BET leadership refuses to fund the critical infrastructure projects that keep our kids safe. Instead they delay, move the goal posts and fearmonger. Talk about scary!

Further, a slate of RTM candidates (being pushed by extremists in our community in the dark of night) are running to overtake our local municipal boards. Terrifying! We need to ensure the RTM remains a collaborative, healthy and bipartisan body made up of people who want to make Greenwich work, not individuals supported only by one ideology who have repeatedly shown their desire to “break” local government with obstructionist positions.

We have done the research and analyzed this topic from every angle. We can say DEFINITIVELY that this upcoming election is critical for all of Greenwich. Why? Because our schools are on the ballot. Our kids are on the ballot. The entire community of Greenwich deserves better than the austerity budget that has forestalled the critical infrastructure projects that can keep our children safe and healthy in our public schools. For this reason, we support voting ROW A for the BET Greenwich Democrats.  We are confident that a Democratic-led BET will support these critical school projects in a fiscally responsible and NOT spooky scary way.

The Voting Moms have also endorsed a bipartisan moderate slate of candidates for RTM. The list (by district) is below. Don’t be tricked by those masquerading as “Sensible Greenwich” (Sensible is code for “backed by the extreme”!).

District #1- Julian Curtiss School Gym

Katharine Ashworth

Jillian Aufderheide

Edward Dadakis

Frederick Feldman

Lynn Garelick

Alison Ghiorse

Dean C. Goss

Julia Lane

Brigitte Lee

Frederick Lee, Jr.

David A. Levine

Jaysen Lee Medhurst

Elizabeth Mills

Aakash Patel

Daniel Quigley

Chloe Rosenfeld

Samuel Rosenfeld

Elizabeth Urdang

Jeffrey Urdang

District #2- Town Hall, 1st Floor Meeting Room

Donald Conway

Keith Damsky

Jennifer Jones

Jill Kelly

Joseph Kelly

Katherine Lobalbo

Mary Ellen Markowitz

Ammar Murad

Pragati Soni

Joyce P. “Jay” Teevan

Please write-in:

Jill Oberlander

District #3- Western Middle School

Elias Cohen

Sylvester J. Pecora, Sr.

Steven Rubin

Karsten Vagner

Please write-in:

Dawn Fortunato

Hale Bayram

Isra Selin Bayram

District #4- New Lebanon School Gym

Javier Aleman

Seth Bacon

Maria Bocchino

Joshua Brown

Ronald Carosella

Andrea Casson

Charles F. Costello

Elizabeth Eckert

Rosemarie Macaluso

Robert McKnight

Romulo Samaniego

Diego Sanchez

Lucy von Brachel

District #5- Riverside School Gym

Eric Beiley

Kathleen Brady

Edward “Tom” Broadhurst

Linda Cochran

Christina Downey

Douglas Fenton

Paul Kramer

Lucy Krasnor

Lindy Lilien

Sean Olesen

Jane Owen Brash

Joan Thakor

Kimberly Treibick

District #6- Old Greenwich School Gym

Jennifer Andrews

Marilyn Ross Cahn

Robert Carter

Nicole Chaudhri

Morgan Evans

Noah Finz

Daniel Izzo

Coline Jenkins

John Merrill

Stephen Meskers

Barbara O’Neill

Tracy Grossman Parsons

David Snyder

Mary Manuel Tobin

Alexis Voulgaris

Michelle Waugh

Stacey Widlitz

Victoria Martin Young

Larry Imbrogno

District #7-Greenwich High School

Debbie Appelbaum

Kimberly Blank

Ellen Brennan-Galvin

Margaret Butler

Thomas Cahill

William Galvin, III

Miriam Kreuzer

Martin Leibrock

Anthony Moor

Marina Rosin

District #8- Central Middle School

Hector Arzeno

Lisa Becker Edmundson

Peter Berg

Francis Burgweger

Craig Chapman

Peter Cruikshank

Irene Dietrich

Christine Edwards

James Finn

Samuelle Jacobs

Myra Klockenbrink

Genny Krob

Sharon Lazar

Janet McMahon

Cheryl Moss

Kathleen Myer

Andrew Oliver, II

Jonathan Perloe

Sheila Phelan

Daniel Rosell

Caryn Rosenbaum

Mary “Molly” Saleeby

Alison Soler

Brian Sullivan

Elizabeth Tommasino

District #9- Western Greenwich Civic Center

Claudia Carthaus

Barbara Darula

Patti DeFelice

Pamela Ferraro

Betsy Frumin

Donna Gaudioso-Zeale

Carl Griffasi

Elizabeth Hester

Anne Jones

Mark Kordick

Abbe Large

Lauren O’Keefe

Geralyn Rubenstein

Fernando Schiro

Jonathan Shankman

Joanne Steinhart

Amelia Szabo

Jane Weisbecker

District #10- Glenville School

Gerald Anderson

Jude Collins

Pamela Fontana

Louisa Stone

Svetlana Wasserman

District #11- North Street School Gym

Adam Brodsky

Robert Chaney

Stephanie Cowie

Thomas Devaney

Susan Fahey

Tracy Freedman

Karen Giannuzzi

Cathleen Kenney

Jennifer Klein

Adam Leader

Mark Lewis

Richard Neuman

David Oliver

Vinay Pande

Nerlyn Pierson

Peter Samponaro

Cathy Steel

Jordan Yarett

Gregory Zorthian

District #12- North Mianus School Gym

Thomas Agresta

Francia Alvarez

Craig Amundson

Glen Canner

David de Milhau

Mary Flynn

Barbara Hindman

Jonathan Kantor

Mary Keller

Aaron Leonard

Abigail McCarthy

Richard Montier

Noelle Moore

Ellen Murdock

Jeffrey Norton

Monica Prihoda

Jocelyn Riddle

Jane Sulich

Andrew Vranos

James Waters

Andrew Winston

These scary stories would send us running if it wasn’t for the fact that we actually have the power to change the story. We can take the spooky out of it entirely. We wanted to write this letter to the editor to encourage, nay, implore you to vote on November 7th.

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NOTE: The deadline to submit letters to the editor about candidates in Greenwich’s Nov 7 election is Oct 30 at 12:00 noon.