TARKINGTON: Leora Levy is the best person to implement change in Washington

Submitted by Leslie Tarkington

August 9 is Connecticut Primary Day for Republicans and Democrats. This is the last time that residents can influence their party’s choice of candidates for the November 8 State and Federal elections. While Primaries are designated by party, the uniqueness of Connecticut’s system is that an Unaffiliated voter has until August 8 to designate a party for the Primary. If the voter then doesn’t want to retain that choice the voter can switch back to Unaffiliated on August 10.

This also provides Unaffiliated residents an opportunity to cast their vote. Voting is a civic responsibility and makes our democracy representative of our citizens.

It is important for certain areas of Town to recognize if voting in person, Polling Places are changed for four Districts for the August 9 Primary only. District 3 is voting in the Hamilton Avenue School cafeteria, Districts 7 and 7A in the Greenwich Library lower level, District 8 in the Cos Cob School gym, and Districts 11 and 11A in the Parkway School cafeteria.

I will be voting in the Republican Primary. We must vote for change in Washington to address the faltering economy, inflation, and unfunded mandates. Leora Levy is the best person to implement change. When at the Primary Polls, consider the most qualified candidate to beat the incumbent Senator. Leora Levy is that person. She has the aggressiveness of a first generation US citizen. She can broaden our Republican base as a woman, a first language Spanish speaker, and her work experience in commodities. These are characteristics that will aid in improved Washington thinking. When in Washington Leora will be up and running faster than the other Republican candidates. She knows the drill at the Senate. Leora, as a candidate for Ambassador, has been in the Senate and through their process. She has met and worked with and supported many Republican Senators and Congressmen as a Republican National Committee woman. Leora is not a political insider, but is knowledgeable about the network.

Leora will be an immediate focused and tenacious change agent in Washington. She cares for each of us and our country.

Please join me at the Republican Primary on August 9 and vote Leora Levy.

Leslie L. Tarkington is Vice Chair of the Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation and Chair of the Budget Committee