Statement of Greenwich Town Attorney Regarding Kordick v. Town of Greenwich, et al.

On Friday Lewis Chimes, attorney representing former Greenwich Police Dept Captain Mark Kordick released a statement about his client’s settlement with the Town of Greenwich, following a lawsuit initiated back in June 2020. The case had been due to go to trial in Stamford Superior Court this week.

(Kordick Attorney Statement on Settlement with Town of Greenwich: “The outcome was never in doubt” Sept 15, 2023).

On Monday the Town of Greenwich Legal Dept released the following statement from Barbara Schellenberg, Town Attorney regarding the case, Mark Kordick v. Town of Greenwich, et al., Docket Number FST-CV20-6047359-S:

The Town of Greenwich was fully prepared to go to trial in the case of Mark Kordick v. Town of Greenwich, et al.

However, the Town had no viable option but to comply with the demand of its insurance carrier to end the case. It would have been irresponsible for the Town to breach its contractual obligations, proceed without insurance coverage, or compromise its future insurability by ignoring the demand of its insurance carrier.

The Town strongly disputed Mark Kordick’s claim and stands by its position and defenses concerning that claim, all of which are well documented in the litigation and can be accessed by any member of the public on the Connecticut Judicial Branch website.

The Town maintains that there is no constitutional protection for speech that is intentionally false or deceptive, or recklessly indifferent to the truth.

The Town also maintains that there is no constitutional protection for speech by an employee that disrupts, or threatens to disrupt, the operations of the department in which that employee works.

For all of the reasons argued by the Town in the litigation, the Town remains confident that it would have prevailed on the law if this case had proceeded to trial. Ultimately, Mark Kordick resolved his claim against the Town for a fraction of the amount he demanded in the litigation.

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