SPILO: Greenwich Democrats Are Afraid of Their Record

Submitted by Michael Spilo, RTM D11. The opinions expressed are my own.

In the last several elections, Democrats in Greenwich have been trying to divert attention from their dismal record. They want you to believe that local elections are somehow about “derailing the Trump train.”

The local election is about changing Hartford and saving CT.

CT Democrats spent 2019 introducing a vast array of new, anti-small-business taxes, including new taxes on restaurants, dry-cleaners, liquor stores, and interior decorators.  All this while our economy has been stalled for 10 years.

Democrats in CT have had a nearly unfettered hand for at least the last decade, and the results are dismal.  It’s time for a change in CT and only you can make that change.

Since the 2009 recession, CT has been nearly last by every measure of economic performance. Here is a summary of where we stand: 

CT’s bond rating is tied for last place with KY.

CT’s unfunded pension liability is 47th out of 50. 

Before Covid (through March 2020) CT job growth since 2009 was 49th out of 50.  CT and WY were the only states with fewer jobs, since the recession, while NY, MA, NJ, PA and RI all enjoyed strong job growth.

Since Covid, we’ve lost an additional 6% of our jobs. See this graph from the Federal Reserve:

That’s because CT business Tax climate rating is 47th according to the Tax Foundation.

And it’s not just the tax climate that is the problem.  CEO Magazine ranks CT 46th among best states for business, with TX and FL leading the way.

And while it is said that Greenwich real-estate values have recovered a bit, thanks to more than 2,000 families escaping NYC since March, there’s no indication of any improvement in the state-wide data. 

If you are one of the new NYC arrivals, welcome, but you should think more than twice about voting for local Democrats, or your investment in a CT home may fall further behind the rest of the country. See this graph from the Federal Reserve.

Democrats’ record in managing our state is just awful.  THAT is why Democrats insist that you think about Trump when you go to vote.  That’s because they know that If you think about CT Democrats and their track record here, you will vote for the Republican Slate.  And when you do, we can find a way out of our dismal state of the State.






Editor’s note: This letter was submitted before the Oct 26 12:00pm deadline for letters regarding the election and candidates on the Nov 3, 2020 ballot.