Sacred Heart Greenwich Senior: Parents, Your Kids Need Your Vote for Alex Kasser

Submitted by Sarah E. Mickley, Sacred Heart Greenwich Class of 2021

For too long adults have separated their parental instincts and political decisions. This year I am begging you to vote not only as a responsible citizen of this country, but as a parent, who cares about the future and the quality of life of their children. 

As someone who is turning 17 the day before the election, I, along with many others in my generation are faced with a difficult situation. We have not been able to remain blind to politics as previous generations have, as our lives and safety have been at the forefront of political debates for much of our youth. I vividly remember the day the Sandy Hook shooting occurred, I was in 4th grade and my view of the world around me was forever changed. We need someone who works to ensure that future generations never have to be faced with tragedies like that. In September of 2019, millions of students skipped school to demand that adults save our planet and our future. Countless other movements and examples show the youth having to beg adults to vote and act in ways that demonstrate they care about us and our future.  

This election we are forced to take a backseat while the issue of our democracy, freedom, and future are all on the ballot. We have to rely on those who are older than us to vote in thoughtful and considerate ways for the future. The future of women’s rights, healthcare, gun safety, affordable healthcare, our planet, and the protection of basic human rights are all dependent on you; and voting for candidates who will protect and prioritize these is imperative, especially on a state level. If you are voting against Trump for our futures, please make sure you also vote for down-ballot candidates that unequivocally oppose the dangerous policies, actions, hatred, and fear that he perpetuates. State Senator Alex Kasser has worked tirelessly to make sure that our future and our rights are protected.

Ensuring their children have access to proper and unobstructed education is a priority for all parents. Sen. Alex Kasser has fought for our education and the ability for us to have environments where we can safely learn. Sen. Kasser has emphasized the need to keep school funding and without budget cuts. Meanwhile, her opponent has actively worked to cut budgets for schools, using his position on the RTM to support a 3 million cut to funding for public schools in Greenwich.

Sen. Kasser has used her position to advocate for the well-being of students by sponsoring bills that address food insecurity, add mental health services and support, and increase early childhood education funding. Additionally Sen. Alex Kasser has defended the right for us to have a learning environment that is safe without the worries of gun violence. She has introduced and passed a bill to prohibit ghost guns, and introduced, sponsored, and passed a bill to prohibit 3D printed guns. At the beginning of the school year she questioned administrators to ensure that we can return to school in the safest way possible amid this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sen. Kasser values facts over fiction and puts science over false narratives and disinformation. She has shown this both in her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in her actions to prevent climate change. Climate change is an issue that is extremely important to this generation as the greatest effects of years of ignorance to this issue will culminate in our future. This issue not only is extremely existentially important, but the time frame we have to stop and lessen the long term effects of climate change is extremely short. 

Sen Alex Kasser has been the only candidate to reach out to actively engage youth in Greenwich, New Canaan, and Stamford in her campaign. Alex publicly advertised the opportunity to become an intern with her campaign, giving a voice to those of high school and college age an opportunity to share their opinions and give insight. Her opponent has young people canvass for him, but has never made explicit an opportunity to have a position of importance to his campaign or give us a specific outlet to voice our concerns and opinions.

Sen. Alex Kasser’s record to protect my generation, our values, and futures is shown as she got an ‘F’ by the NRA and is endorsed by CT against Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, Stamford Firefighters, Planned Parenthood, Naral Pro-Choice Connecticut, and Connecticut League of Conservation Voters. 

As the current youth and the future of this district, state, country, and world, we are relying on you to vote for someone who will protect us