RTC Chair Walko: Floren is a Good Leader, a Good Listener and Good Legislator.

Letter to the editor submitted from Stephen G. Walko, Chairman RTC, Oct 17, 2016

On November 8th, you will have the opportunity to elect an individual for the 149th State General Assembly District who personifies thoughtfulness and who has a proven track record of results.  Livvy Floren is among the most uniquely qualified people to serve us in Hartford.  She possesses the qualities of a good leader, a good listener and good legislator.  As the Ranking Member of the State’s Sub-Committee on Bonding, Livvy knows what projects need to be funded and what projects should not be supported by our precious and hard-earned tax dollars.

Livvy’s analytical thinking is exactly what is needed in Hartford, especially as the State attempts to again address the ongoing budget shortfalls and lower credit agency ratings.  The citizens of Greenwich will be well served by Livvy’s intellect and ability to build consensus during a time when it appears that consensus and problem solving are lacking.

It is not a surprise that Livvy will be seeking her 9th term this November.  I know that she will continue her tireless efforts to represent our interests in Hartford.

Livvy’s knowledge of the State through her years as a member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee and her constant review of State laws allows her to know what has worked and what has not worked.  With her caring, result-driven work ethic, I know Livvy will continue to fight for us and a better Connecticut.  I am excited and grateful that Livvy continues to seek to be our Representative in the 149th District.  Please join me in voting for Livvy Floren for the 149th General Assembly District.

Respectfully Submitted,
Stephen G. Walko, Chairman RTC

NOTE: The deadline for submitting letters to the editor in support of candidates for the Nov. 8 election, is October 28. Thank you.