RICHMAN: Kimberly Fiorello and the Art of Accomplishing Nothing

Submitted by Howard Richman, Greenwich Tax Collector 2018-2019, Democratic Candidate for the 149th House District 2010

Two years ago Kimberly Fiorello was elected to replace Livvy Floren, one of the most popular Republicans to serve in the Connecticut House of Representatives in recent memory.  In her first term, Ms. Fiorello has shown herself to be someone who is content standing on a soapbox, preaching constantly about defending freedom and liberty while denying freedom of choice for Connecticut women, supporting far right groups at the state and local level and drawing the ire of even her own caucus in Hartford.  Her list of accomplishments is easy to recap.  There are none.

For 20 years in the 149th House District (western Greenwich, back country Greenwich/part of North Stamford) and often in the minority party, Representative Floren successfully navigated Hartford as a moderate Republican.  She voted consistently to keep taxes low, help balance budgets and was an advocate for strong commerce, particularly policies that help attract and assist small businesses.  Representative Floren was also an unabashed supporter of women’s reproductive rights, stringent gun control legislation and the expansion of health care coverage to include essential benefits for children, women and adolescents. 

Livvy Floren was an elected official whose deep concern for the well-being and best interests of her constituents was reflected in her legislative votes.  She was not an ideologue.  She always understood the difference between her personal beliefs and doing what was best for her constituents.  This was true leadership.

Ms.  Fiorello’s votes are determined by two measures—her extreme right wing beliefs and the far right platform of the Greenwich Republican Party.  These views are far from a bridge of continuity from the 20 years of distinguished service Representative Floren gave to the community.

On the eve of retiring from the House in 2020, Representative Floren reflected on her time spent.  She offered advice to new members of the General Assembly.  Her advice was “remember that politics is not about the next election; it is about the next generation.  Always govern, always vote, and always act as if our future depends on it.”

“Always govern.”  Unfortunately, Kimberly Fiorello has ignored this wise counsel.

It is time for a change.   Rachel Khanna is challenging Kimberly Fiorello.  If elected, Rachel Khanna will stand up for women’s rights, public education, protecting our environment, voting rights and the economic best interests of Greenwich and Stamford.

I hope you will join me in voting for Rachel Khanna on November 8.