QUIGLEY: State Senator Kasser, Give The Money You Raised To The Anti Defamation League

Letter to the editor from Dan Quigley, Greenwich RTC chair

It is a rare occasion that I would feel compelled to issue two Letters-To-The-Editor in such a short time frame, (Quigley: Erroneous Twitter Feed Prompts State Senator Kasser To Act Before Thinking Aug 3, 2020), but I believe that this is a unique case and that it is important enough to warrant doing so.

As some of you may know, over the weekend Tweets by a fake Twitter account posing as a PAC supporting Republican State Senate candidate Ryan Fazio were wrongly exploited by State Senator Alex Kasser in an attempt to associate the comments with Mr Fazio. Ms Kasser decided not to contact Mr Fazio or his campaign so as to determine the source of the Tweets despite their clearly being unhelpful to Mr Fazio. Instead, she impetuously fired off a message via email and social media to thousands of supporters and used the malicious and fake Tweets as an opportunity to ask the public to contribute to her campaign.

In her plea for funds, she stated; “This is what I’m up against”. As we now know, this was a lie.

Today, at candidate Fazio’s request, the Anti Defamation League reached out to Twitter and the fraudulent Twitter account was removed. The Fazio Campaign and the RTC are extremely grateful that the Anti Defamation League was willing to intervene to help resolve this matter.

Although this resolves the problem of the false Twitter account, it does not excuse Ms Kasser’s impulsive and wrongheaded behavior in using a false premise as an opportunity to raise money for her campaign. That action shows bad faith. Ms Kasser’s decision not to first ask the Fazio Campaign about the Tweets leaves her open to the valid criticism that she saw in this an opportunity to raise funds from an unwitting public.

With this in mind, the Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan RTC’s call on Ms. Kasser to donate all campaign funds received as a result of this incident to the Anti Defamation League.

The ADL is an organization dedicated to fighting real cases of anti-semitism, racism and discrimination. This would be the right thing to do considering that Ms Kasser exploited a fake narrative as the basis for asking for public campaign donations.

As for us and Mr Fazio, we don’t need an apology. But anyone who donated to the Kasser Campaign because of this sure does.