PRIHODA: Keep America Great, Uphold Final Votes on Every Level of Government – Local, State and National

Submitted by Monica Prihoda

As Sarah Palin famously coined – “This is a shout out” to all RTM members:  Let the vote to accept the grant to support efficient electoral processes stand.  Both Registrar of Voters – a Republican and a Democrat – and the RTM Moderator embrace the grant.

Matt Des Champs in his letter to the editor (March 11, 2023 “Overturning Voting Results Brings Chaos to Order“) has it spot on.

Final count is final count.  That’s what was done with the former system when I served on the RTM:  paper ballots were marked and handed to the Town Clerk and Moderator to tally and announce.  If an RTM member was asleep at the switch and did not mark the card, the Town Clerk and Moderator did not say “Wait! Joe/Jill Schmoe didn’t get their vote in.”  It was done. It was over. It was fair.  It was our democracy at work.  If I forget to vote on Election Day, well, it’s my own doing.

Thank you also to Joe Angland for his letter “ANGLAND: After 22 Years of Names Day at GHS, Suddenly the Greenwich RTC Has a Problem with It?” of the same day that NOW, all of a sudden after 22 years of Names Day at GHS the Greenwich RTC thinks it’s a bad idea? 

What’s so bad about students being honest and real with each other?  We could all take a note from their book!

Preposterous!  Greenwich RTC, get real!

I for one wish the former more moderate RTM members were back.

We need a decent two party system in this town, this state and this country.

Monica Prihoda