Prihoda: BET, Shame On You!

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Greenwich

To the Editor:

Why am I writing about the Old Greenwich Elementary School (OGS) when I no longer have children there?

Because I care not only about the present, but the future. The children now attending OGS are in substandard dangerous conditions – lack of proper HVAC, raw sewage in classrooms – disgusting and unhealthy – no ADA compliant accessibility for students with disabilities who must be turned away?  And this is Greenwich?  Not some third world country!

As a former member of the RTM I witnessed many a time the “kick the can down the road” philosophy of excuses.  Regular maintenance was deferred (“can’t afford it now”) until  it became critical – and much more expensive – such as the state of OGS now, AND the Central Middle School which has been in danger of walls collapsing.  Not long ago a classroom ceiling did collapse in the North Mianus School.  Fortunately it was a weekend thus no one was injured or killed.

Young people are our future.  OUR future.  Our educators need the environment and tools to teach children of all ages to the best of their ability.

As a community, let’s support them!  This November vote out BET members who consistently veto safety and improvements in our schools – the Republicans – and vote in BET members who will support our schools – in this case Democrats.

Monica Prihoda