Peter Alexander: Please Vote No on Item 14, Open Space Plan

The following letter was sent to RTM members from Peter Alexander,  Landscape Architect Planner on April 12

Dear RTM Members,

On 4/13/2104 please vote no on Item 14:

“To consider and act upon the following resolution, requested by the Conservation Director. RESOLVED, that the 2015 Open Space Plan, as approved by the Conservation Commission at its March 9, 2015 meeting be adopted as an addendum to the 2009 Plan of Conservation and Development. “I attended a Statewide gathering of “experts” in Bridgeport on Friday regarding Land Use issues and Long Island Sound. It was all about more regulations and grabbing property rights. I was at the East Greenwich Public Information session recently. The subject of Binney Park came up.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.01.41 PM

Meeting was hosted by the gracious Town Planner Katie DeLuca. As soon as roads, dredging around Binney Park she had to say…that’s Dept. of Public Workd or Parks & Recreation…etc., etc.,etc…

We are blessed by the generosity of families such as the Binneys, Meads, Reeds, D’Alios, Rockefellers who know or knew and love our Town, to the point where they acted to keep special parts of it special and better. Nearly five months after the end of World War II, in 1946, the pastoral spot was chosen as the permanent home for the United Nations Organization. Greenwich Time broke the story, and the town engaged in a battle over the headquarters.

Dubbed “UNOville,” the proposed 175-square-mile complex included an immense 12-story, Pentagon-like structure with offices for 50,000, a 5,000-person auditorium, a hotel that would accommodate 3,000 guests, churches, schools, hospitals, fire and police departments and access railways and highways. The organization intended to acquire the property by eminent domain.

A group of Greenwich residents strongly opposed the plan, and an angry debate ensued, complete with letters to newspapers, the president, the governor and the UNO itself. In a town vote held on March 2, 1946, 5,509 Greenwich residents cast ballots against the site, while 2,019 were in favor of it.

In addition to the caring and generous, I want you to honor the 5,509 residents who voted against voluntary Eminent Domain. A vote for this is a vote for Eminent Domain by the State at the very least. At the very least vote to allow study of what this “PLAN” would impose. More time, attention and specifics need to be presented to you before a real vote.

Respectfully Submitted
Peter F. Alexander
Greenwich/Pemberwick Resident & proud of it.