Omelich: Camillo is the right person for the job

Submitted by Yulia Omelich

I am writing this letter as someone who cares deeply for our community, wishing it to remain a safe place for our children to grow up.  I find Fred Camillo as someone who shares the same values. He does not just talk, he walks the walk.

Fred Camillo has shown he is the right person for the job. He has demonstrated his ability to not only lead our community, but improve it as a whole as well. He is a lifelong Greenwich resident that understands what it takes to be a leader and what the community needs to be successful.

As a mother, my greatest priorities are the safety and the quality of education our children receive. Fred has consistently championed policies that prioritize educational excellence and support for our schools. His commitment to providing our children with a quality education is evident in his work as a First Selectman.

Fred’s passion for preserving the unique character and natural beauty of Greenwich is evident in his commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. As a sustainable business owner, I am happy to show my support for Fred’s candidacy and his continuous work that protects our environment and enhances our quality of life.

Fred Camillo is not only a remarkable leader but also a warm and approachable individual who understands the unique needs and concerns of families in our community. He doesn’t strike me as a politician. To me, Fred is a friend, a neighbor, and part of our family in this community.

He earned my highest recommendation as First Selectman.

Yulia Omelich