BRODERICK: In Support of Selectman Lauren Rabin

Submitted by Camille Broderick

It was my privilege to work closely with Lauren when we served as Co-Presidents of the Greenwich High School PTA. Her thoughtful demeanor was evident in every meeting and in every task we tackled.

Lauren was superb at gathering and understanding all the facts on an issue. She did not hesitate to ask follow up questions of fellow PTA parents and the school administration alike to get to the core of any issue. Only then would she make an educated decision.

Lauren brings those same qualities to her work as Selectman.

Understanding that Town government is complicated and that many issues it faces are multifaceted, Lauren is not a knee jerk decision maker. Her love of Greenwich and compassion for its citizens drives her to fully evaluate issues so as to make the best possible decisions.

Lauren is kind and she cares. She is devoted to making Greenwich the best it can be for all its citizens.

Kind regards,
Camille Broderick