Marzullo: Now is the Time for Solutions to Gun Violence

Letter to the editor submitted by Drew Marzullo, former Greenwich Selectman, Feb 15, 2018

To the Editor,

We cannot possibly still be mourning gun massacre victims in schools in the year 2018. Since the unspeakable tragedy at Newton in 2012, there have been 239 school shootings. In 2018 alone (and remember, it’s February), there have already been 18 school shootings.

The time is now to talk about solutions. Not tomorrow or next week, but today. We are the only developed nation where kids are more susceptible to gun violence in their places of learning than in any other area of their life. Why is this acceptable?

And for that matter, why are legal assault rifles acceptable? Because they’re fun? Because it’s your right? Because they’re sold legally? It’s time Congress stood up to the gun lobby and made practical solutions to save the lives of children. If you want to use an assault rifle, please join the military or a police department. Otherwise, our nation allows for myriad other firearms that are enjoyable to shoot and offer home protection. The claims on why ordinary citizens should have access to assault weapons are growing hollow and, frankly, nauseating.

Senator Rubio needs to take the leadership on this issue. And for legislation to happen, Republicans will be required to participate. Where are Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins and John McCain? What happened to the discussion over bump stock legislation after the Las Vegas massacre? This is not about Second Amendment rights. This is about sensible gun ownership and a robust system of mental health checks, care and services.

Th time is now. Call  state and federal representatives throughout the country. Take a stand. Let your friends and families and yes strangers know that you think gun violence in schools is unacceptable. Because until it stops, it’s not.

Drew Marzullo
Greenwich Selectman 2009-2017