Longtime Rider of Metro-North Shares Tribute to Lamar Karow, Ticket Agent at Shuttered Greenwich Train Station

Open letter to Lamar Karow, the longtime ticket agent at Greenwich train station, whose last day was this week:

I am a long time rider of Metro-North at the Greenwich/Railroad Avenue station.  I have known Lamar Karow, from the perspective of a constant ticket buyer and inveterate question asker, the 18 years Lamar has worked at the Railroad Avenue, Greenwich, MetroNorth station as a ticket seller.  I missed him during the 4 years he was away at Rye.

 Dear Lamar Karow, my fellow Wisconsinite,
Saying good-by to you is very difficult.  I know how special you have been in my life, a bright spot, a fun spot in my day.  I am sure you have been that for all your regulars at the window of the Greenwich Metro North Station.  I hope that I, we, have been that for you also.  You have brought us not only our Metro North tickets but you have also given us the human touch of life, your special touch.  With me, for me, for all of us, together we have been a part of the human community bringing the human spirit to life.
As technology, the coldness of technology takes over, the sense, the reality of community is diminished and slowly vanishes…….decreasing our connection, our humanness as the cold hand of technology takes your place.
It is the little, daily interactions, human connection we have with one another as we partake of our daily tasks together that makes us human, keeps us human, that is community and gives us a sense of the human community with and for one another.  It brings us to life.  We bring one another to life!
You have brought to me with your special unique sense of humor, playfulness and delight – but always the personification of effective efficiency – you have always brought a sparkle to my day, a spring to my step.
Thank you for being you.  I will miss you.  We will miss you.
Best Wishes to you as you take a new path.
Pamela Armstrong-Manchester,
A fellow Wisconsin transplant.