Local Landscaper: Electric equipment takes care of workers’ ears and shows respect for people we work for

Submitted by Rodimiro Villalobos via Jane Owen Brash, Riverside

Quiet Yards Greenwich has been working with the Town and landscapers to come up with  a solution to limit the use of gas leaf blowers which are highly toxic and loud. We recommend using electric all year but our proposal continues to allow gas leaf blowers during the fall and spring clean up time. More and more landscapers in town have switched to electric for the health of their workers and because their clients are asking for a quieter, cleaner landscaping experience. It’s good business for them to switch to electric and allows them to work in many of our neighboring towns which have limits or outright bans on gas leaf blowers. 

This letter is from a landscaper in town, Rodimiro Villalobos, who works for a company that only uses electric equipment.

My story with Chiapetta- Fierro.

I started working in this company in 2018, before that I had worked for another company for 18 years and all this time I worked with gasoline machines until in 2022 Mr. Nelson Muñoz, owner of Chiapetta-Fierro, implemented a way of working different, innovative, ecological caretaker of the environment, I personally think it is a fantastic idea since it not only takes care of the ears of the workers, but also of the people for whom we work, that is a way of showing them respect and letting them know that we appreciate that we are hired to work in their home. 

This system Electric is designed to take care of our beloved planet earth, that includes wildlife, we also think of the animals that live underground, the oxygen we breathe that suffers so much damage from the excessive use of chemicals, fuels and more, in addition to the plants that absorb carbon dioxide.

As citizens who love and care for the environment, we are in the best position to contribute to the best quality of life in this beautiful country.

Thank you.

Rodimiro Villalobos