LETTER: Want Fiscal Responsibility? Vote Democrat!

Letter to the editor from Sherry Wernicke

I am so tired of the MYTH that republicans are the fiscally responsible party.

History has simply proven this not to be true. Do your homework. Do a Google search on how the economy fares under Democratic rule vs Republican.

Read the recent article in ForbesWant a better economy? History says vote Democrat.”

You will find that the stock market does better, more jobs are created, and wages are higher along with GDP.

The same holds true at the local level. Take what Jill Oberlander and Howard Richman accomplished in the last 2 years. They kept our mill rate down, prevented cuts to the education budget and brought in millions in delinquent taxes and more interest income.

They believe that every dollar spent in town should create value for our citizens. They have the experience overseeing town budgets and have a long-term economic plan beyond the antiquated idea that debt has to be paid off in an arbitrary 5 or 10 years. They understand the need for more than short-term fixes to long standing problems.

In fact, Jill said, “I will lead a discussion on priorities, particularly on the infrastructure we have not gotten to.

Thirty years is a long time to talk about things and not do things. We have schools that are in disrepair. We have schools that are not accessible. Greenwich is better than that. We need to have a conversation about the needs and the priorities, and then figure out how do we get that done.”

She NEVER suggested the town fund every wishlist item as her opponent said and supports the need for public-private partnerships to supplement government.

That to me is true leadership. Greenwich faces real economic challenges that require real solutions. We have been under Republican leadership for years and have a failing infrastructure treated with bandaids. I hope you will join me in voting a straight Democrat ticket from Jill, Sandy and Howard on down on Nov. 5. It’s the fiscally responsible thing to do!

Sherry Wernicke

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor regarding candidates in the Nov 5 municipal election is Tuesday Oct 29 at 5pm.