LETTER: Town of Greenwich has not fulfilled its graveyard commitment

The Town of Greenwich has not fulfilled its obligation at the Byram African American Cemetery (The Colored Cemetery), one of the three graveyards that comprise The Old Burying Ground at Byram Shore Road.

According to a 2018 CT Superior Court Stipulation and Order of Judgement, signed by all three members of the past Board of Selectmen (Tesei, Toner, and Litvack), the Town is required to fund and install a perimeter stone wall and memorial plaque.

Three years later, little progress has been made.

Over the past twelve months, a small neighborhood grassroots group has tried to push this project forward. The Inland Waterland Waterway Agency agreed to fund the stone wall and The Conservation Commission found a donor for the plaque. However, the progress has been disappointingly and dishearteningly slow. Many emails simply requesting information, status updates, and an on site meeting have gone unanswered.

It is hopeful that the Board of Selectmen will appoint an individual willing to lead this initiative and fulfill the Town’s commitment.

Photo: Alex Popp
Photo: Alex Popp