Letter to the Editor: Bocchino is a Natural Leader

Letter  to  the  Editor:

The  150th  district  is  fortunate  to  have  an  individual  like  Mike  Bocchino  running  to represent  them  in  Hartford.

I  have  had  the  privilege  of  knowing  Mike  Bocchino  since  we  were  12  years  old while  attending  Greenwich  Public  schools  together.  Mike  has  always  been  the person  to  give  150%  and  stands  out  as  a  natural  leader.   No  matter  the  task,  Mike has  always  exhibited  passion,  drive  and  dedication.  This  is  why  I  am  not  surprised by  his  great  community  involvement  and  the  leadership  roles  that  he  serves   today, namely  heading  the  local  PTA  and  the  Byram  Neighborhood  Association.

Mike’s  volunteer  energies,  coupled  with  his  passion  for  our  wonderful  town  of Greenwich   are  unparalleled. Mike   is  in  tune  with  our  community  and  understands the  issues  and  the  problems  that  our  fellow  citizens  are  facing,  most  importantly our  challenging  economy. Mike  will  truly  represent  his  constituent’s  thoughts  and ideas  in  Hartford  and  he  will  certainly  work  hard  for  our  town  and  our  state.

Please  join  me  in  voting  for  Mike  Bocchino  for  the  150th  District  State Representative  on  November  4th.

Jackie  Budkins
Greenwich  Resident

The deadline to submit letters to the editor of Greenwich Free Press for the Nov. 4 election is Oct. 29 at 9:00am.