LETTER: Smeriglio Would Make a Great Tax Collector

Letter to the editor from Anne T. Drake, Greenwich

On Saturday I enjoyed breakfast at the Cos Cobber with a high school friend. We covered all the typical subjects, family, parents, and high school friends and then I mentioned Heather Smeriglio who attended St. Mary High School as we did.

We both quickly agreed that Heather would make a great Tax Collector for several reasons including that she obtained her certification to be a Tax Collector while working in the office a few years ago. Heather was in the Tax Collector’s office when the online payment system was implemented. Heather is also very compassionate and will take the time to listen to residents if they come to the office with a problem.

Heather will work with residents to formulate a plan if more time is needed to pay their taxes. Heather will not threaten our seniors with foreclosure. We need Heather in the Tax Collectors office.

As we talked about the other great republican candidates that are running for office, we agreed that the Town is very fortunate to have so many people who know the Town and are passionate about continuing important policies like our system of “pay as you go” spending which keeps our taxes low and manageable. The Public Private Partnership is another practice that has served the town well in recent years and should be encouraged for future projects.

Fred Camillo is a devoted public servant and has Greenwich imbedded in his heart. Fred knows many people in Greenwich and has made wonderful contacts in Hartford whom he will be able to call on behalf of the Town. Lauren Rabin has a multitude of experiences throughout town including the Board of Education as well as the Board of Social Services (now the Board of Human Services). Lauren is a good listener, she and Fred work very well together and have known each other for many years. They are a great team who are ready and willing to work for the residents of Greenwich.

We have a united Republican team who truly like one another and will work together to support each other to obtain the best results for Greenwich. Please remember to vote on November 5th.

Anne T. Drake