Letter: Six Positive ideas for Neighbor to Neighbor $3.5M Budget to go Directly to the Needy

Letter to the editor submitted by Jane Southard, October 10, 2016

The following are six positive ideas for Neighbor to Neighbor $3.5M budget to go directly to the needy ideas for the use of the land at Christ Church instead of building another supermarket, on Historic land.

Other ideas to use the $3.5M budget of NTN:

1. Provide VOUCHERS to NTN Clients to local supermarkets – no need to build another supermarket, there are plenty of them, and give the clients discounted cards so that they can buy more produce.

2. Create a Community garden to provide food for the needy and also education about how to grow food.

3. Lease a commercial building along the traffic route which is already built and ALL the money can go to the needy.

4. Build in another location which is NOT a Historic Landmark.

5. LOCATE the building at ENTRY to the Christ Church property so that people can see that it is a NTN Building. Do not hide it at the back of the property and make all the services adjacent to RESIDENTIAL homes.

6. Attach the building to side Christ Church, where there is a large open area, away from Residences, and directly along Route 1, and share the plumbing and heating, that way it will cost less, and MORE CAN GO TO THE NEEDY.

If managed properly, $3.5 million could provide food and clothing to the needy for many, many years to come! Thank you,

Jane Southard
Putnam Hill