Letter: Silence Is Killing Us. Condemn the Separation of Kids and Parents

Letter to the editor submitted by Diane Tunick Morello, June 22, 2018

My grandparents, all Jews, came to America in the early 1900s from Poland, Russia and Austria. They huddled in crowded ships, committed to improving themselves, educating themselves and contributing to the spirit that characterizes America. I can imagine my grandparents standing at the railings of the ships as they waited for the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Sadly, I can also imagine my grandmother breaking into tears one hundred years later at the injustice of President Trump and his administration wresting children from their immigrant parents, leaving them alone, scared, lost.

Silence is killing this country. How can we maintain silence in the face of such callous treatment of human beings — especially since so many of us enjoy the lives we do because our relatives had the courage to come to America?

No more silence. On Saturday, June 30, I will raise my voice in Greenwich alongside others in Stamford and cities across the U.S. to support Families Belong Together (www.moveon.org).

Whether you are democrat, republican, independent or unaffiliated, we all need to tell President Trump and his administration that the separation of kids and parents is unacceptable. Raise your voice in honor of your grandparents, your parents, your relatives and your friends who took a chance and came to America. Silence is not an option.

Diane Tunick Morello