LETTER: Oberlander & Litvack are the Right Partnership for Greenwich

Letter to the editor submitted by Timothy and Phyllis Alexander

On November 5th we will elect a new First Selectman and the other Selectmen. With history as a guide, this election will set the Greenwich course for many years. We believe that the established partnership between Jill Oberlander for First Selectman and Sandy Litvack to continue his service as Selectman is the right combination to lead Greenwich immediately and into the future. In a nutshell, Jill Oberlander brings the dovetailed experience and skills which her opponent lacks, to manage a complex $400 million budget and municipal enterprise.

Unlike his opponents, her partner, Sandy Litvack, has firsthand experience with Town executive governance and a top level background in corporate and economic development. We hope our fellow citizens will compare the Jill and Sandy substance with their opponents.

As a start, we offer the following:

• Our experience with Town Government is one of frustration with the “inside baseball” played out in matters such as zoning (e.g., where we were confronted with major changes at a public hearing with no forewarning) and the unresponsiveness of Town management at all levels over the Bailiwick Bridge fiasco. Better management and reliable communications are needed.

• Greenwich faces real economic challenges that range from aging or under financed transportation, through resistance to change, to retaining and expanding our economic base. Creative, cross-party, sustained economic development leadership is needed.

• Despite other candidate outcries against taking any account of national policies and Party positions in municipal voting, we must do so—since the Republican Party supports or is silent about the dismantling of 70 years of environmental protections with local effects, the threats against states opposing cruel treatment of immigrants, and the condoning of corruption at every level of this Administration.

In conclusion, we need the right experience and ability to start on day one to improve Greenwich Town management, budget, communications and accountability. Jill Oberlander’s background in urban affairs, the RTM and Chair of the BET equips her to take the reins immediately. Her political partner Sandy Litvack paves the way with his Selectman experience, at the same time assuming the economic leadership we need as we compete for future stability.

Timothy and Phyllis Alexander