LETTER: Oberlander Has Credentials and Experience to Do the Best Job for Greenwich

Letter to the editor from Lori Jackson

Oberlander is prepared to serve as First Selectman of Greenwich. I got to know Jill during her campaign for the 150th district of the state legislature. She met with many people to learn more about the district she hoped to serve.

As former Chairman of the Greenwich Commission on Aging, I met with her several times to discuss senior issues. Because I also worked with the Youth Coordinator at Greenwich United Way, we discussed youth issues as well. Jill does her homework.

She has gone on to serve as member and Chairman of the Board of Estimate and Taxation. She has worked with others on the BET, creating, awarding and distributing a 450 million dollar budget. This proves she is aware of how the town works, the people it serves and the programs that serve all residents.

She has continued to study the issues that matter to the town and its residents. She now serves on the Greenwich United Way Planning Council which is charged with identifying the needs of our community. With her experience and knowledge she will be ready to focus on the future of Greenwich.

Jill Oberlander has the credentials and experience to do the best job for our town. I will be voting for Jill in November.

Lori Jackson