LETTER: Oberlander Has a Sense of Caring and Compassion That Makes Her an Outstanding Candidate

Letter To the editor from Emily Steinman, New York, NY

How lucky Greenwich is to have Jill Oberlander as a candidate for First Selectman! I have known Jill for almost 50 years, from the time we were kindergarten students in the Ardsley Public Schools in Ardsley, New York. From the earliest age, Jill has been a most trusted and loyal friend to so many.

Jill cares about everyone, and it is this sense of caring and compassion that makes her an outstanding candidate. Jill spends countless hours listening to and thinking about issues that affect every member of her community—not just those with the loudest voices or the most power. I got to experience this quality first-hand when my grandmother spent the last months of her life living in a senior residence for which Jill was board chair. Few busy mothers of young children would choose to spend their limited spare time and energy working to better the lives of the elderly, but when Jill took on this role, she dedicated herself fully to making sure the residents she served lived their final days with dignity, receiving the best care possible.

Jill is a natural leader—jumping fully into any community she joins.

Her first job out of college was learning the intricacies of city government as an Urban Fellow in New York City. Therefore, it did not surprise me in the least that upon moving to Greenwich, Jill immersed herself deeply into the workings of the town. While most people moving to a new town would seek out the place where everyone’s meeting for coffee, Jill instead sought to join the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting! She has committed her time and incredible intelligence to helping make Greenwich better for all of its residents.

In these days of divisive and often bitter political rhetoric, Jill Oberlander is a breath of fresh air. She is open-minded and fair. She is the hardest worker, taking the time to fully understand the issues that come before her.

She is not afraid to listen to all sides of an argument. She is also one of
the most ethical and honest people I have ever met.

Emily Steinman
New York, NY

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor regarding candidates in the Nov 5 municipal election was Tuesday Oct 29 at 5pm.