LETTER: Mitt Romney Wants You Back…At the Back of the Bus. Beep Beep.

Submitted by Don Hermann, Greenwich

Watch out for the blinking yellow light. It’s going to turn red. If you’re a person of color, low income and live in a Democratic voting area, Mitt Romney wants to make you a Second Class Citizen.

This is his democracy. He recently voted to block a vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, in spite of all his rhetoric supporting equal rights and equal opportunities for all people to vote.

The road is strewn with all kinds of potholes. Voting is the one with the most potential damage. According to CNN, 19 states have passed laws this year to restrict voting.

The GPS is pointing directly to a place where the landscape may be all too familiar for you.

Romney is one of all Republican Senators who voted against you. If the Republicans succeed in keeping you from voting, you can kiss the America you know “Good-bye.” While America hasn’t been everything you hoped for, things were changing. Hope was on the horizon.

Now it could be coming to a screeching halt. In fact, reverse is more like it. Since 1989, the Republicans won the presidency twice without having a majority of the votes. They were able to gain control winning those states that gave them the advantage through the Electoral College.

It’s a slippery slope for the Republicans. Having the advantage with the Electoral College can lead to disaster for them. To combat this problem, they tailored their campaigns to dominate in individual states. Through state legislatures they will create laws that could give them control of voting and most key issues of interest to them. It seems to be working.

Watch out. They’re coming for you. Not only will it be difficult to vote, your citizenship will be next to valueless. If they don’t agree with the results of the voting, they’ll change the criteria to make them winners. They’ll pass laws through their state legislatures that will govern where your kids can go to school.

They’ll change history books to eliminate subjects negative to them. They’ll tell you what religion to worship, what music to dance to. Watch your taxes increase as the rich get richer. No reason for them to pay their fair share.

They’ll eliminate Social Security, change or eliminate Medicare and Medicaid.

And your Health Insurance won’t be recognizable.

If you’re thinking, I’ll appeal to the courts, they got that covered too. They’ve been stacking the Federal Courts with their lackeys for several years.

If each of the above sounds outrageous to you, and next to impossible for the Republicans to pull off, just check out what they’ve been saying. It’s all on the record.

Mr. Romney and the other special interest people are taking good care of themselves, regardless of what they say.

While all this has been taking place, the Democrats have waited for their bus to come in. As usual, it’s stuck somewhere. Four flat tires.

The handwriting has been on the wall for months about the Republicans’ motives and the Democrats have sat on their hands. Yes, they’re now raising money and complaining, as usual, but it looks like a fight that really needs fighting. As important as infrastructure and childcare and all the other goodies are, without the ability to vote, control is taken away from the Democrats. The priorities are backwards. The Republicans will design the roadmap.

How do you fight? You put the gloves on and you go right after them. It’s not going to be easy. Sacrifices are going to have to be made. You start with people who are well known in minority communities. People who have the respect and following in those communities.

70% of all NFL players are African American. They’re very highly regarded by people of all races. They have to stop playing. And picket. And march. And march And demonstrate. They should be joined by all professional athletes of color. And anyone else who wants to participate.

They have to be made aware that what the Republicans are doing will not only affect them, but their children and children’s children. This is not to be taken lightly.

This is America. A democracy. Regardless of your income, color, religion, education, you want to be able to ride comfortably anywhere in the bus and go anywhere that bus goes. Which bus are the Republicans in Connecticut going to get on?