LETTER: Meskers takes care of his constituents

Submitted by Lori Jackson, Old Greenwich

I am writing in support of Stephen Meskers our incumbent  candidate for the 150th along the coastline of Greenwich. I live on Keofferam Road in Old Greenwich and we have been “under construction” for the better part of this year. Between the water main project and the never finished telephone pole project, it has been challenging.

In early June a construction truck pulled the cable wire off our house because it had been strung too low by the various cable companies vying for our business. This caused a pole to tip which the cable company solved by putting a red flag on the pole. Those same companies had also strung the wires so low that it was dangerous for delivery trucks to enter several of the driveways nearby.

All this activity did not stop Steve from making his rounds knocking on doors and visiting with the neighbors. Neighbors who had made many phone calls to remedy the leaning pole. No action had been taken. Steve instructed me to take pictures of the numbers on the poles to ascertain who “owned the pole” and he offered to contact the appropriate individuals in Hartford to see if we could get someone to repair it.

The next morning Frontier was on our street making the necessary changes to bring the wires to the new poles at a safer height above the driveways.

Steve is a man of action. He is there to serve his constituents when they do not get the prompt response they deserve from the companies who are supposed to serve our neighborhoods.

For this and many other reasons I will vote for Steve Meskers in November because he takes care of his constituents. Remember to vote on November 8.

Respectfully Submitted Lori Jackson