PIERSON: What You Need to Know about the Early Voting Referendum on the Ballot This November

Submitted by Nerlyn Pierson, Greenwich in response to a letter by Harry Fisher, FISHER: Vote No on Early Voting Referendum Sept 26, 2022

To: Those Confused About the Early Voting Referendum on the Ballot This November & To Those Who Have No Idea What I’m Talking About

This November 8th , there will be a Ballot Question that appears on the back of the ballot that says:

“Shall the Constitution of the State be Amended to Permit the
General Assembly to Provide for Early Voting?”

Answer Yes or No

Here are the Facts:

• The CT Constitution, as currently drafted, DOES NOT allow for early voting in CT to even be contemplated by the legislature.

• For this reason, CT is only 1 of 4 states that has no early voting.

• Per the CT Constitution, CT requires all voters to vote in person in a polling place on Election Day unless they present a specific reason why they cannot appear.

• In 2021, the CT House approved by a 115 to 26 bi-partisan vote to put the Early Voting Referendum on the November Ballot.

• The ONLY thing the Referendum is asking YOU to decide this November is: Are you in favor of amending the CT Constitution to allow for early voting in CT? If you are, then vote YES.

• If the Referendum passes with a YES vote, THEN AND ONLY THEN, can the legislature begin to have the conversation about what early voting will look like in CT and how to best implement it in CT.

• If you’re concerned about what early voting may look like in CT, I encourage you to get informed and see what the candidates currently running for office think on the issue. They are the ones who will decide the specifics should the Early Voting Referendum pass.

• At such time, you will have an opportunity to participate in the legislative process by speaking at public hearings and addressing your concerns with your legislators.

• Voting by Absentee Ballot is NOT the same as in-person Early Voting. In CT, you can only vote by Absentee Ballot if you meet very specific Constitutional requirements that prohibit you to vote on Election Day. Not everyone is eligible to vote absentee.

Ultimately, all the Early Voting Referendum does is give the people of CT the power to decide if the existing CT Constitution, drafted more than 50 years ago, is outdated and whether the times require a new constitutional measure to give CT voters more FREEDOM to choose how they participate in our elections.

It’s a “People’s Vote” on whether we want early voting in CT. I say YES. Let’s amend the CT Constitution so that we can begin the legislative process of amending our outdated election laws.