LETTER: Meskers Resolved My Utility Issue

Submitted by Javier Aleman

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Meskers when he was in my neighborhood. We struck up a conversation and what was evident from the beginning was his willingness to help the community.

We made some light and cordial conversation before touching upon some issues I, and some of my neighbors, were having with the local utility. I mentioned that I tried a few times to deal with the utility regarding this issue with no luck; everyone that I spoke with at the utility would pass responsibility to someone else or just say they could not help. Steve heard this and ran with it.

Within the week a very knowledgeable representative from the utility showed up at my door with a good understanding of the issue I was having. Later that day the issue that I was struggling with for years was resolved!

I only had limited interactions with Steve, but if this is how he handles small mundane issues the community is having, I can only imagine the attention and focus he must have to resolve larger issues that affect more of the community.

I believe that the Byram community is well served and lucky to have Steve as our representative.

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