Letter: Marzullo Is Someone Who Deeply Cares

Letter to the editor submitted by Crystal Armenia

On Tuesday Nov. 7th I will be voting for Drew Marzullo.  I ask you to do the same.

For two decades Drew has assisted patients in a town he loves.

He was the original recipient of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce Award for outstanding pre hospital patient care and has been recognized over 50 times for the same.

For eight years Drew has served as Selectman with pride and has distinguished himself as someone who deeply cares.

He has helped seniors, school kids and residents alike.

He along with neighbors fought hard in blocking a proposed cell tower on Valley Road.

He has been outspoken on the issue of bullying and has called for swift action on the topic of opioid abuse. I proudly support Drew Marzullo.

Crystal Armenia

Editor’s note: The last day to submit a letter to the editor for a candidate in the Nov 7 election is Oct 31, 2017