LETTER: Lack of Participation in LWV Debate Denies Me Information to Make an Educated Vote

Submitted by Monoca Prihoda, Old Greenwich

To the Editor:

As a 30 year resident of Greenwich I have always attended the pre-election debates held by the Greenwich League of Women Voters.  These debates include Q&A from the bi-partisan resident participants and are an opportunity for us to get a sense of the person running for elected office as well as hear their positions on various issues.

This is particularly important as the Federal government pushes responsibility and legal decision making to the State level on crucial issues affecting every aspect of a citizen’s life.

I am sorely disappointed that a candidate from either party – in this case Republican – makes a choice to deny me the information to make an educated vote.  Sad, very sad.

Monica Prihoda, former elected member of the RTM 6