Letter: Stowe is principled, but not ideological.

Submitted by Carolyn Baek, Greenwich

In these difficult uncertain times, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and succumb to a state of near paralysis, accompanied by fear and/or anger.  But we must continue to love truth, embrace science, and turn towards light.  One conscious decision I have made is to approach and live life with gratitude given the recognition that despite the host of serious challenges in front of us, we are also filled with blessings.

As this pandemic has forced us to be more local, and to be more attuned to what is right in front of us, I am thankful for leadership; for individuals (from both parties) who serve the community.  As one example, the Board of Education members – headed by Chair Peter Bernstein and Vice Chair Kathleen Stowe – gave up their summer to make it possible for school to be fully open when some Districts in the greater area did not and do not provide that option. 

As a mother of two curious and active boys, I am indebted to be relieved of seeing my children every minute of every day.

Kathleen Stowe is now running to represent the 149th District in the State House of Representatives.  I have known Kathleen for nine years, and she is a strong candidate worthy of your vote and support.

Kathleen possesses a practical intelligence infused with perspective and nuance.  I have seen her approach controversial Board of Education issues with an open mind, learning the details of complex problems, and hearing what the various perspectives are before weighing in.  Kathleen is principled, but not ideological, as she is driven by a genuine desire to create better outcomes for the community.  One of her skills is to accurately assess the crux of a large problem, and to solve it while working positively with colleagues regardless of political affiliation.  At a time when politics can be bitter, overly emotional, and extreme, there is a beauty to being moderate and measured.

With the election in front of us, I invite you to learn more about her candidacy and her campaign, and to consider voting for Kathleen Stowe.

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted in advance of the Oct 26, 12:00 noon deadline for letters about the election and candidates on the Nov 3, 2020 ballot.