LETTER: Kasser Has Worked Tirelessly on Behalf of Her Constituents

Submitted by Michelle Abt, Stamford

Dear Editor:

I voted for Alex Kasser in 2018 because I believed she was smart, motivated and willing to speak truth to power. And, as a Stamford resident of District 36 (which is shared with Greenwich and New Canaan), I was excited to support a candidate who took a genuine interest in what was important to the Stamford portion of her constituency. It was a refreshing change.

Now, in 2020, I am enthusiastically voting for Alex again. During her first term as State Senator, Alex has worked tirelessly on behalf of her constituents, fighting to protect our interests and improve our lives.

She has introduced or co-sponsored bill after bill to protect voting rights, improve our infrastructure, save our environment, protect our health, fund our schools, protect women’s rights, reduce student loan debt, and grow our economy. (See her website alex4ct.org for a complete list of what she has accomplished.) Alex does the job we elected her to do, and she does it exceedingly well. She listens to her constituents; she does her research; she consults experts; she gathers actual facts; she proposes real solutions. She acts with integrity and in good faith. Do I always agree with her? Not always. Do I trust her? Absolutely.

While it is difficult to compare Alex’s record with that of her GOP opponent — he has a very limited record in public office (much of which has consisted of votes to defund public schools) and his positions on key issues are vague (except for tolls) — one thing about his candidacy does stand out. His campaign strategy comes straight out of the Trump playbook; a toxic and depressing stew of misinformation, fabrications, lies and personal attacks. That alone speaks volumes about the kind of person he is, and the kind of Senator he would be.

Alex shares my values; respect for others, speaking the truth, acting with integrity, standing up for justice and equality. For me the choice is clear — Reelect Alex Kasser for State Senator in District 36.

Michelle Abt
Stamford, CT

Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor in support of local candidates in the Nov 3, 2020 election may be submitted to [email protected] for consideration beginning July 15 and with a hard deadline of Oct 26, 2020 at noon.