Letter: Why I Trust Ned Lamont

Letter to the editor submitted by Sherry Wernicke, Riverside

I trust Ned Lamont. It’s just that simple. That’s why he will have my vote for Governor on Nov. 6. Plus, I love that while he’s enthusiastic about the future of Connecticut, he’s realistic about what it will take to get us there.

First of all, I trust Ned actually knows Connecticut having lived here for many years and having created a highly successful 21st century economy business here.

He didn’t just move here recently after years abroad and has actually voted, unlike Stefanowski who didn’t vote for 16 years!

And yes, you can vote when you live abroad or in PA. Ned gets out and speaks with the people and businesses asking what’s important to them and how we can work together for solutions.

I trust Ned will protect issues important to me like gun control, the environment, a woman’s right to choose, and access to affordable healthcare, along with my ability to get healthcare with a pre-existing condition. Can’t say the same about Stefanowski.

But why I trust Ned most is because he has developed a well-thought-out plan to get Connecticut out of its financial crisis. Ned’s plan will cut property taxes for the middle class and create good-paying jobs for Connecticut workers by increasing access to job training, reducing tax and regulatory burdens on businesses, investing in tourism, and bringing life back to our urban areas.

He doesn’t just place blame and call for the elimination of state taxes. Did you know Stefanowski paid an economist to help develop his plan, the same one who helped Kansas in 2012 that resulted in an abysmal failure? The dramatic cuts in business taxes along with a March to Zero individual tax cut plan were supposed to pay for themselves by creating jobs and boosting the state’s economy. Guess what? It didn’t happen.

They did not boost the economy as touted, but led to shrinking revenues, economic growth that lagged behind the country, a plummeted bond rating, and drastic cuts to education and infrastructure. In 2016, Kansas was forced to roll back the cuts, implement other taxes and have yet to recover with about a billion dollar budget gap. There was just no way they could make up for that much lost revenue. Do you want the same fate to happen to Connecticut? I certainly don’t.

Quite frankly I’m tired of the GOP talk about the same old same old supply side economics that history shows does not work. Plus guys, it’s time to let go of the he’s just another Dan Malloy. No one cares to hear this. They want to know how you’re going to fix issues and not who you want to blame. And while Stefanowski worked for big corporations, his resume has been reported as quite troubling for someone seeking the governor’s office. Most troubling might be as CEO of a payday loan company, which targets people who can’t get bank loans and charges exorbitant rates, a practice banned in this state.

I trust Ned when he says he has a plan to cut property taxes for the middle class, transform our business climate to bring jobs across the state, and will stand up for working families and Connecticut values. I can’t say the same thing about Stefanowski. That’s why Ned Lamont will have my vote and I hope yours too on Nov. 6!

Oh, and did you know Greenwich has NEVER sent a woman to the state senate. Time to change that by electing Alex Bergstein!

Sherry Wernicke, Riverside

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