Letter: Meskers is a Mature, Capable Choice for State Assembly

Letter to the editor submitted by Judd Cohen, Greenwich

I am supporting Steve Meskers for State Assembly in the 150th District. Here’s why.

I am distraught about the policies and values of President Trump and our national government and the decline in civility, ethics and democracy. While frustrated and frightened by Trump’s destructive decisions on the environment, immigration, women’s rights, gun control and growing income inequality, there is something we in Greenwich can do.

We can protect ourselves by backing candidates this year who support policies and values that guard our rights. The Connecticut General Assembly has the power to help protect us from the draconian Trumpian policies.

Steve Meskers will fight to preserve our environment, support women’s choice and rights, protect our strong gun control laws, champion affordable and available health care and be a mature, knowledgeable voice for Greenwich.

Our state is in a financial crisis. We are in debt. Companies and residents are fleeing. Our pension systems are in chaos. Steve’s 35 years in international finance, focusing on bankruptcies, corporate work outs and restructuring and the effects of bad policy on many different countries brings an expertise to discussions that is sorely lacking in our delegation.

Steve wants to tap into the know-how and experience of industry leaders in Connecticut and utilize the brainpower and knowledge in our universities to develop innovative programs and make our state attractive to business.

A major complaint of many companies is our dilapidated rail and road infrastructure. We are a transportation Third World state and Steve knows we must make significant investments in this area.

Options are really few; Steve supports tolls. He accurately points out we give a free-ride to trucks and out-of-state drivers, while New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and many other states charge us to use their roads. And, the New Haven rail line has more disruptions than an NFL football game on TV.

Greenwich and the State of Connecticut need people like Steve Meskers to bring new ideas, new energy and a mature approach to government. That’s why I support him and urge my fellow residents of the 150th District to do so too.

Judd Cohen

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