LETTER: Himes Understands Education is Key to Our Future

Submitted by Elizabeth K. Krumeich, Greenwich

We are privileged to be represented by Jim Himes, one of the finest members of Congress in the country. Jim is a leading member of the next generation of Congressional leadership poised to lead our nation back to greatness. Jim understands that education is the key to our future.

Jim recognizes that high-quality education options is one of southwestern Connecticut’s strengths and it is a reason why people choose to live here. Early childhood education is critical and Jim supports making quality pre-school education available to all children. He understands that quality education includes parental involvement and access to social services. Jim has supported and will continue to support early education options for our youngest learners, involving and supporting parents during schooling years, and making higher education more accessible.

In addition to quality education, Jim also wants higher education to be more affordable and, recently, has supported the Pell grant program and fought to keep Stafford Loan rates low.

In Washington, Jim has recently reintroduced a package of three bills: the Supporting Early Learning Act, the Total Learning Act, and the College Affordability and Innovation Act.

Simply put, Jim is working hard to ensure that residents of southwestern Connecticut continue to be among the best educated in the nation.

Please join me in voting for Jim Himes on November 3 so Jim can continue to support high quality education options.

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