Letter: Harry Arora Offers Creative Solutions

Letter to the editor submitted by Wendy Walasek

On New Year’s Day we met and spent the day with Harry Arora and his wife, Nisha. As the two families’ children made friends and played the adults sat at the kitchen table and discussed the insolvent state of Connecticut and my fears.

We shared our prioritized issues and walked through each one with Harry. We were so impressed with the thoughtful care that Harry had made to really understand each issue at its heart. For each one Harry had done research into the underlying problem not just the news cycle sound bite and had researched new creative solutions.

One low end issue was traffic on 95 and why it takes 55 minutes to commute to Manhattan where other European countries can make the commute in 19 minutes. Harry cited research articles and meetings with the MIT traffic research team regarding how to efficiently use our highways, like 95.

He could discuss the pros and cons of each and potential issues with implementation in a government bureaucracy. As a mother that works in Manhattan and commutes on metro north, my kids would really appreciate and extra 25 minutes with their mom.

Harry cares about what moms do to make families happen.

Harry is an independent businessman, he hasn’t accepted PAC money. If you are curious about why odd things happen in politics, follow the money. Look at where the funds came from.

Our current Congressman has been ineffective at addressing our issues. Can you name one thing the current congressman as done to improve early childhood education or make college affordable? All I have seen our current congressman do is fuel his own notoriety in CNN opinion pieces. We should not have to choose between educating our children and our own retirement.

After 10 years, we need new energy and new ideas for our issues. Harry stands before you to ask for your vote because he cares about our community, our children and wants the
opportunity to problem solve and help everyone live successfully here and not have to flee to Texas or Tennessee due to unaffordable taxes. Harry is a loving caring family man that wants to help everyone have the equal opportunity that has always been the American dream. Let’s keep the dream alive for everyone and our kids. Let’s give Harry an opportunity to problem solve.

Wendy Walasek
Working Mom that wants to stay in CT and not be forced out to TX

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