Letter: Harry Arora Is Clear Choice for Nov 6

Letter to the editor submitted by Hillary Gunn

Voters in Connecticut’s 4th District have a very clear choice November 6th when we select a Congressman to represent us in Washington – Harry or Himes.

When compared on every level, the obvious winner in this contest is Harry Arora. I first met Mr. Arora this past June, and was immediately a fan. Here was, finally, a man who loved this beautiful district as much as I did, and was willing to put in the work to fix it.

Even better, his dedication was backed by an incredible breadth of knowledge, each opinion and plan reinforced with concrete data and calls to action. I was hooked, and began asking how I could assist his efforts. Several months later, I was hired as a proud member of the Arora Campaign.

While I was initially struck by his enthusiasm and mastery of the issues facing this state and nation, as the election winds down I realize his truly standout quality to be unparalleled compassion.

Watching his sincere, kind interaction with each and every person he encounters has inspired me to ask better of myself, as well as made clear that we could dream of no better steward for our singular district.

He speaks powerfully, but more importantly he listens carefully, and the concerns of each constituent quickly become his own personal responsibility. This week, Mr. Himes indifferently referred to the 4th District in a debate as “this district we happen to be talking about.” After 10 years of taxpayer salary and all the perks that come with representing the people – OUR people – Jim seems as detached and disinterested as ever.

I’ve asked Himes voters at events over the course of this cycle what the single biggest thing Mr. Himes has done specifically to benefit them is, and have been met with silence. The daily commitment it takes to serve the residents of the 4th District may not be as glamorous as focusing on sensationalized, national issues, but Mr. Himes seems to have forgotten what it is we’ve entrusted him to do for us.

We need a champion who is ready to go to DC and work with people on both sides of the aisle to make meaningful change, not a figurehead who bloviates on CNN and calls it a full day’s work. Jim Himes has taken over $5 million of special interest financing; Harry Arora refuses a single penny.

You have the opportunity to return an entrenched incumbent to Washington, DC this year that has made no quantifiable difference in the lives of his constituents. Fortunately, we are presented a dynamic, energizing alternative in Harry Arora, this immigrant American who fulfilled his dream and is poised to fight tenaciously to preserve and expand that same dream for future generations.

Respectfully submitted,

Hilary Gunn

Note: The deadline for letters in support of candidates in the November 6, 2018 election was Monday, October 29, 2018.

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