Letter: Gaetane Francis is Motivated to Provide Best Learning Experience for all Students in the Public School System

Letter to the editor in support of Gaetane Francis for Board of Education, Oct. 4, 2015 from Marty Dayton, Old Greenwich

I wholeheartedly place my vote for the Board of Education seat with Gaetane Francis.  As a fellow parent in the Greenwich Public Schools, I have watched Gaetane tirelessly support the needs of all Greenwich students.  She has attended or spoken at most BOE meetings as both a parent and an Advanced Learning Program Committee (ALP) Chair.

She actually reads through BOE proposals and considers both sides of an issue.

Last year, Gaetane was one of the few nominated and recognized as an outstanding volunteer for her contributions to Glenville Elementary, Western Middle School, and the ALP Committee.

She truly has no other motive than to provide the best learning experience for all students in the public school system.  I am awed by her passion and intellect as well as her ability to listen and hear all opinions.  She has been a long-time proponent of mastery-based personalized learning (for more information about Gaetane’s platform, visit francisforboe.com).

I am also pleased to see she is as passionate as I am about changing high school start times.  She will be a welcome addition to the board and will help guide decisions in a thoughtful and considerate manner.  We need someone like Gaetane on our Board.

Marty Dayton