LETTER: Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin Have A “Big Tent” Approach To Serving Greenwich

Letter to the editor from Aaron Kennon, Old Greenwich

As a first generation Greenwich resident married to a first generation American, I am perplexed by the suggestion of Fred Camillo’s rival that he somehow represents a backward looking multi-generational “townie” centric approach to Greenwich.

This could be the furthest from the truth. Fred’s outreach to the entire Greenwich community has been the hallmark of his lifetime of service to this town. This is frankly why so many Democrats and unaffiliated voters have gravitated to Fred.  But it is not just his personality that has captured the attention of so many voters; it is his stance on critically important issues—most notably his focus on K-12 infrastructure and educational excellence, fiscal discipline as it pertains to maintaining a low property tax rate so that the town can continue to attract new residents,  and attention to our unique and beautiful coastal environment.  Fred’s running mate—Lauren Rabin–brings decades of business and civic experience to our town—most recently as VP at Gartner Group and a member of our town’s Board of Education.

They are truly the perfect ticket for Greenwich.  Their experience and approach to people and government is needed now more than ever in this age of seemingly endless political acrimony.

Like many of you, I am saddened by the vitriol that we see and hear emanating from Washington DC.  Our leaders there are not speaking to our hopes and aspirations but rather are focused on spewing hateful words and embracing misguided policies.

Yet back home we have a breath of fresh air for all voters to embrace in Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin.

I urge you to vote for Fred Camillo for First Selectman and Lauren Rabin for Selectman on November 5th.

Aaron Kennon
Old Greenwich