Letter: For BET, Fassuliotis and Duus Have Fresh Ideas

Letter to the editor submitted Aug 25, 2017 from Victoria Slater

Dear Editor,

I am writing to  ask all Greenwich Republicans to vote for Karen Fassuliotis and Andy Duus in the Primary on September 12th as our representatives on the BET, Board of Estimate and Taxation Committee.

Karen and Andy were two of the six candidates endorsed by the Republican Town Committee (RTC) in July. As you may know, there are 12 seats on the BET, 6 for Republicans and 6 for Democrats.

Three incumbents and three newcomers were endorsed by the RTC which I believe is a healthy mix. We will have experience combined with new viewpoints as the BET deals with the many budget issues facing Greenwich and Connecticut. Karen brings a legal perspective, the only lawyer of the six, and Andy brings a financial and business perspective.

Both are members of the RTM, Representative Town Meeting, and have experience with Town Government. Let’s get some fresh ideas!

Please use your voice and vote for Karen and Andy on September 12th.

Victoria Slater

Editor’s Note: This election season, Greenwich Free Press announces a change in policy on letters to the editor. Due to  the volume of letters received it will not be possible to publish every letter received.

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor for the Sept 12 Republican primary is Sept 6, 2017.

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor for the Nov 7, 2017 election is October 30, 2017.